Sorry for not updating

I've been too busy being manly and knitting scarves for my friends. I promise to get to the next page soon, I didn't have as much time to work on it as I thought I did.

image host problems

So I've been looking for a substitute image hosting site. Photobucket isn't doing it for me anymore, so I'm trying to find one with a good jpeg resolution and can support gifs.
Imageshack has wonderful jpeg resolutions, but can't support gifs.
Imgur has a mediocre jpeg resolution, but can support gifs.


I wanna have a quality comic for you guys and nothing's working well.

heh... well... sorry...

I haven't been updating because I am too lazy to work on pages. Now that school is done, I can start giving more time to this project. I hope to have it done by next year, but at this rate, it's never getting done.

So, I'll work on it later this week.

ugh. Sorry...

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